Penalizing Excellence in Youth Football

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Working With Special Rules Mullahs in Youth Football.

In youth football many of the leagues rules seem to be very fluid. Special rules are put in place one year and are out the next. These special rules are often developed to hinder or help specific organizations within the league that have the political power to put them in place. I’m not speaking about rules like minimum play rules which help coaches get all the kids into games for a set number of football plays. I’m speaking of rules designed to water down the effectiveness and efficiency of certain teams systems.

In the leagues my team plays, football rules change slightly from year to year based on the decisions of the ruling Board. In the previous youth football league my teams played in, all the teams voted on the rules changes each year. Regardless of the ruling body or structure, we all have to deal with rule changes from year to year. Part of coaching youth football well involves adapting and making adjustments. Part of the youth football game are yearly rule changes. It doesn’t do your team, coaches or parents any good to lament about woulda, coulda, shouldas when it comes to rule changes. Adapt and overcome, heck embrace the challenge, unfortunately it’s part of the wonderful world of youth football.

If you run the Single Wing offense, you may have already run into some of these special rules being put in to hinder your success. Many youth football Board members are made up of coaches in the league and quite frankly many of them don’t like seeing their teams get clobbered each week by physically inferior teams, its embarrassing to them. Heck that’s one reason we have a heck of a time getting teams to play us in extra games, they can’t use the excuse “they were bigger, faster, had more kids etc”. So the leadership often try to give themselves even greater advantages via additional “special rules”. » Read more: Penalizing Excellence in Youth Football

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How to Become a Fantasy Football Phenom

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The end of summer is near and the smell of Labor day barbecues are in the air. With football season just around the corner, it is time to sharpen your pencil to see who will be the star athletes of this year’s fantasy football league.

How to become a Fantasy Football Phenom is a step by step guide meant to position you to get what you deserve, a fantasy football phenom. With a grand prize of $157.00, you will reap the winnings and come put victorious.Year after year you have been at the bottom of the pile wen it comes to points and position. If you want to rocket to the winners circle, keep reading! This year you need to develop a new strategy and execute flawlessly so that you can get the accolades (and the money) you deserve.

The players on your roster from last year have now either retired, in jail or out for the season. The new rookies are still to be tested, and the veterans that beat you week after week are ready for your review and analysis. Follow the next 3 steps and you are on your way to becoming invincible on the fantasy grid iron.

Step1 – Preparation and Research are key!. You must digest the daily news, blogs and commentaries from the likes of ESPN, CNN and other organizations each and every day. The internet and Google are your friends. Your wife and kids will understand and support your quest for the $157.00. If not, they can be found at the in-laws after the season.

Step2 – Knowledge is POWER! Be the one that has the inside scoop on every trade and injury report. Your mind must be a sponge as you scan various agencies to sweep your opponents. Your success will translate into their demise as they crash and burn during the season. The early bird gets the worm, and you are that Bird! » Read more: How to Become a Fantasy Football Phenom

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Laws of Football – Summary of the Basic Rules

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The following is a very simple summary of the key laws of the game of football, hopefully written in an easy-to-understand way.

The Pitch

The playing area (‘pitch’) must be rectangular and be between 90m (100yds) and 120m (130yds) long and between 45m (50yds) and 90m (100yds) wide. The end lines are called goal lines and the side lines are called touch lines.

The Ball

The ball must be spherical with a circumference of between 68cm (27in) and 70cm (28in) and a weight between 410gm (14oz) and 450gm (16oz).

Teams / Players

A match (‘game’) consists of 2 teams, each with no more than 11 players – including a goalkeeper (‘goalie’) – and no less than 7 players.

Player’s Kit

Basic kit consists of a shirt, shorts, socks, shinguards and boots/shoes. Goalkeepers must wear colours different from other players – including their own side – and match officials.

Match Officials

Each match is controlled by a referee supported by 2 assistant referees. He stops the game by means of a whistle for any infringement. He also acts as timekeeper. The assistant referees indicate by flag when the ball is out of play. They also flag when they see infringements that the referee may not have seen. » Read more: Laws of Football – Summary of the Basic Rules

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