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FIFA (Federation of Association Football) – A Little History

October 25th, 2011

FIFA (or Federation de Football Association – that is, Federation of Association Football) is the governing body of international soccer. It was created in Paris, France, on May 21, 1904, for the improvement of the sport. The foundation act was signed by delegates from France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain. Two days after its foundation, the organization met in its first Congress, where Robert Guerin of France was elected as president..

In 1906, FIFA hosted the first international soccer competition ever. It wasn’t very successful, though. This, coupled with failing economics, led to Guerin’s replacement by Daniel Burley Woolfall, an Englishman. Under Woolfall’s direction, FIFA’s participation in the 1908 Olympics fared much better than the organization’s first attempt. At first, only European nations were in the federation. In 1909, however, South Africa joined, followed three years later by Argentina and Chile, then one year later by the USA and Canada. Then World War I hit hard.

During World War I, FIFA faltered, with many players being sent off to war, and the price of international travel rising so far. By the end of the first World War, in 1921, there were only 20 nations in the organization. The United Kingdom countries (England, Scotland, and Ireland) pulled out of the federation, saying that they didn’t want to compete against or participate with their former World War enemies. At the end of Jules Rimet’s (the third FIFA president) 33 year presidency, however, FIFA boasted a participation of 85 members. The United Kingdom countries returned, thanks to Rimet’s wonderful diplomatic skills. He retired at the age of 80. » Read more: FIFA (Federation of Association Football) – A Little History

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The History Of Football Freestyle

October 13th, 2011

Juggling have been around as long as there have been objects to juggle with, which is like forever.
I am not completely sure how it all started, the oldest juggling video I’ve seen is from beginning of the 1900. Rastelli was his name and he were absolutely amazing, he did some things that I havn’t seen
the jugglers of today pull of.

The first famous football juggler was Mr. Woo, he took the art of football freestyle to a new level. He did a lot of circus tricks. He had a lot of style and imagination. Mr.Woo was a former pro footballer who wanted to take his skills to a new level. Mr.Woo have now worked with many of the best football players of today. He has also been seen in several TV ads and has been a “stunt double” for many players(doing the tricks for them). He has also been teaching his tricks to people all over the world.

After a couple of years a new dimension of the sport was born. The video of Soufiane Touzani was the start of this new freestyle era. In the beginning of 2000 he released a video with tricks never seen before. He did crazy combinations and that was one of the first real freestyle movies ever released on the net. Today this video have been seen by millions of people all over the world, it’s probably the most seen freestyle video ever. Touzani was doing a lot of leg tricks and combination. Most people have seen one around the world, this guy did multiple and also new combination of different tricks. This video was the introduction to the freestyle scene to so many people. » Read more: The History Of Football Freestyle

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