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Football Rules And Regulations

December 27th, 2011

The game of football has its own set of rules and regulations to ensure one does not exploit the other teams and match results in the discipline to prevent physical attacks and injuries suffered by a player.


Team t-shirts, shorts, shin guards, socks and studded boots materials needed to play in a football match. Meanwhile, goalkeeper or goalie gloves and use a different colored shirt for identification purposes.

Football field

Football is played on the surface of a vast natural or artificial field of astro turf material. But whatever the surface of the field should be rectangular in shape, 90-120 meters long and 45-90 meters. However, football field universally accepted is 120 meters long and 53 meters wide.

At both ends of the field that are separated by 100 meters is a two goal line. The additional 10 feet at both ends called the end zone. Furthermore, the entire field every 5 yards separated by a line that marked the page.

Game format

Football is a game played between two teams each of eleven players and the amount for the duration of the game is 90 minutes. Period of 90 minutes divided into two parts of 45 minutes each. However, the referee will give you extra time at the end of each half of the game, to compensate for loss of time due to cessation of play.

The team swap their positions at the commencement of the second 45 minutes of play. The winner of this game is to score more goals than your opponent when the game ended.

Teams are allowed to change or replace their players during a game without time limit is in progress. But to do this, each team must have adequate strength to compete.

The main rules of the game is no player except the goalkeeper may touch the ball with his hand while playing it. The players need to use their feet to kick the ball and other parts of their bodies to play ball.

The role of referee

Soccer game played with a referee siding that fully conversant with the rules of the game. Referee, assisted by two linesmen, enforce rules and make sure no foul play. This assistant or line judge can not enter the field, but only with a guide to stay with the field referee.

The referee, in its discretion, may allow extra time at the end of each half of the game to compensate for the loss of time due to cessation of play due to interference. Responsibilities include maintaining the referee during the match is underway, giving the free kick and penalty.

Penalties for violations

Violations of the players on the pitch during a match will be considered seriously by the referee and the referee can penalize players by issuing a yellow card as a warning. If two yellow cards shown to players the same, then the referee will issue a red card to the player and the player will leave the field in the remaining part of the game.

Red card can also be shown directly by the referee for any major violations by players such as serious violations of behavior, violence, spitting on the ground, deliberately handling the ball with both hands and using abusive language to other players or referees.

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